Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Free High PR Forum Posting Sites

Forums have always been a traditional way of making your website or blog popular. A lot of people come on different forums and discuss their views regarding certain topic which provides them a change to let other people know about their product or service.
What are Forum Websites?
Forum websites are actually like question-answer session. Forum websites offer a huge discussion facility to webmasters who are interested in discussing about some topic or service. This process of discussion basically helps people to get a lot of signature links from the forum websites. These signature links help them to improve their ranks in search engines and also make their website or product popular.
Importance of Forums
Forum posting is widely used as a tool in SEO especially when you are dealing with off-page optimization. If the forum page gets indexed on google, it provides you excellent opportunity to get quality backlinks from that forum by participating in different discussion threads. In addition, it also provides you a direct and targeted traffic towards your own website.
As we all are aware of the fact that backlinks are an important factor in that determine the rank of a website in search engine. Today, there are a lot of methods available to earn quality backlinks for your website. The more backlinks you get for your website, the more it helps you in improving the rank of your website in different search engines. Forum posting is a very simple and easy way to get various backlinks for your website.
More and more people use the method of forum posting for getting backlinks as this does not contain any difficult procedures. You just go to the forum and actively participate in the discussed topic. After making a good and informative discussion, you are easily provided with a backlink for your website.
Things to Consider before Making a Forum Post?
There are few things that you should always keep in mind while making a forum post otherwise your all effort of forum posting goes in vain:
  1. While selecting a forum for discussion, make sure that the forum is similar to your website or niche because if that forum page gets indexed, your will get a lot of quality backlinks in return.
  2. Choose the forum that has a considerate amount of traffic on regular basis. If you have started a heathy discussion but there are not enough people to discuss the topic with you, the chances of making that forum post popular decrease a lot.
  3. Always try to select the forums that have high PR because high PR forums will provide you high quality backlinks.
  4. While you are initiating a forum post, try to choose the topic that makes sense to you and the other forum members otherwise you can easily get penalized by other members of the forum.
  5. Never do any kind of spam activity on forums because the owner of forums hold all the rights to ban you from that place.

Forum Posting Sites                                                                                        PR (Page Rank)

   www.flickr.com/help/forum 9
   www.sba.gov/community 9
   www.addthis.com/forum 9
   www.forums.mysql.com 9
    social.microsoft.com/Forums 8
   www.bbpress.org/forums 8
    forum.filezilla-project.org 8
   www.forums.cnet.com 8
   www.flagcounter.boardhost.com 8
   www.ckeditor.com/forums 8
   www.forum.joomla.org 8
   online.wsj.com/community 8
   www.claroline.net/forum 8
   www.forums.cpanel.net 8
    www.cnet.com/forums 7
   forums.hostgator.com 7
   forum.siteground.com 7
   forum.statcounter.com/vb 7
    www.phpbb.com/community 7
   forum.wordreference.com 7
   community.skype.com 7
   forums.mozillazine.org 7
   arch.designcommunity.com 7
   www.eubusiness.com/discussion 6
   forums.businessweek.com 6
   www.alice.org/community 6
   ubuntuforums.org 6
   www.smallbusinessbrief.com/forum 6
   forums.lablit.com 6
   seoforums.org 6
   forums.metacafe.com 6
   www.textiledegree.com 5
   www.techsupportforum.com 5
   forum.notebookreview.com 5
   forums.afterdawn.com 5
   www.dnforum.com 5
   forums.afterdawn.com 5
   www.htmlforums.com 5
   websitebabble.com 5
   www.bloggerforum.com 5
   www.laptopbaginfo.com 5
    www.blackhatworld.com 5
   codingforums.com 5
   siteownersforums.com 4
    forum.seopanel.in 4
    trafficplanet.com 4
   www.techimo.com 4
   www.warriorforum.com 4
    forums.teneric.co.uk 4

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