Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Free Press Release Submission Sites

Press Release Submission is an effective and really helpful SEO technique that offers great support to the bloggers in order to improve their ranking in the search engines. Even though most of the bloggers and webmasters think that this SEO method is not as good as we think it to be, but we cannot ignore the fact that Press Release Submission is one of the best ways to get large keyword ranks in search engine result pages.

What is Press Release Submission?
A Press Release is a written statement that is basically designed for the people of news media as they hold significant role in the organizational marketing strategy. Press Release is the most powerful and quick way to get massive traffic and quality links within a short span of time. Thus, that is why, there are sites available which provide bloggers with the opportunity to submit press releases and get high quality backlinks in return. If you make us of a high PR press release submission site, you can easily get a lot of traffic for your website and can also achieve the top position in the search engine rankings.

Why You Should Make Use of Press Release Submission Method
If you are running your own website and blog and has tried all the other methods of getting good backlinks for your website but none of them worked then you should surely go for Press Release. This method and the effort that you put for it never goes waste and you defiantly get majority of traffic and quality backlinks for your own blog or website.
Basically, there are two types of press release submission sites. One is free and the other one is paid press release submission and distribution websites. It totally depends on your cost, budget, niche, and business strategy that you want to go for paid or free websites.

Things to Consider while Writing Press Release
There are points that you should consider for writing good quality press releases:
  1. Quality Press Releases that are rich with most-searched keywords and informative content always set an impressive impression on the potential client who are exploring different niche information. So, try to find the proper keyword and relevant content before writing a press release.
  2. In addition to excellently-written press release, you should also make sure that it reaches the targeted audience or readers in the most effective way.
  3. Never add irrelevant or spam content in the press release.
  4. If your Press Release reaches the right audience and delivers the right content, there is no doubt that it can create a huge buzz and can bring wide variety of market to your business.
High PR Press Release Submission List
With our extensive and deep research, we have collected a highly useful data of the sites that offer press release submission. Here is a list of high PR Press Release Submission sites that can provide you quality backlinks for your website.

Press Release Sites PA DA
 www.npr.org/ 95 96
 mashable.com/ 94 94
 www.businesswire.com/portal/site/home/ 87 92
 www.prnewswire.com/ 93 91
  www.newsvine.com/ 90 89
 www.prweb.com/ 90 88
 en.calameo.com/ 87 87
  www.prlog.org/ 82 78
 www.newswire.ca/ 81 77
 www..com/ 76 71
 www.aiim.org/ 75 70
  www.newswire.com/ 74 68
  www.-inside.com/ 71 66
 www.newslink.org/ 68 65
 www.directionsmag.com/ 70 64
 www.free-press-release.com/ 69 63
 www.24-7pressrelease.com/ 69 62
 www.ereleases.com/ 67 61
 home.highwire.org/ 66 60
  pitchengine.com/ 60 60
 pressreleases.kcstar.com/ 48 58
 www.absolutearts.com/ 65 57
 keysnews.com/ 64 57
 www.prleap.com/ 63 56
 www.altenergymag.com/ 63 56
 www.aspendailynews.com/ 62 55
 www.medindia.net/ 63 55
 lxer.com/ 61 53
 www.pressbox.co.uk/ 61 53
  www.onlineprnews.com/ 61 53
 www.fileflash.com/ 59 52
 www.newswiretoday.com/ 59 51
 www.merinews.com/ 52 50
 bignews.biz/ 54 49
 www.promotionworld.com/ 58 49
  www.businessportal24.com/en 51 49
  www.businessportal24.com/ 58 49
 www.daily-chronicle.com/ 56 48
 www.1888pressrele+E23ase.com/ 56 47
 www.filecluster.com/ 54 45
 news-antique.com/ 48 45
  www.wesrch.com/ 53 44
 www.pressreleasepoint.com/ 54 44
  www.cgidir.com/E28 50 40
 www.afreego.com/ 48 40
  www.webknowhow.net/ 50 40
 www.clickpress.com/releases/index.shtml 42 40
 www.przoom.com/ 50 40
 www.elecdir.com 44 37
 www.xpatloop.com/ 47 37
 www.elecdir.com/ 44 37
 www.socialmediaportal.com/ 46 35
 forexstops.com/ 46 35
 newsbox.com/ 35 33
 www.travpr.com/ 34 29

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